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15-Week Leadership Training Program

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The 15-week Playbook Series Inc. Leadership Training Program is designed to systematically organize the way we bridge the gap for our scholar athletes. In many instances, the options of woodshop, ceramics, being a teacher’s assistant (TA) or even having a free period in school exist for many high school athletes. These options, however free and relaxing they may be, do not provide the support our scholar athletes need in order to make themselves most presentable for future opportunities.

Playbook Series Inc. has reimagined and designed a 15-Week Leadership Training Program that starts in the 1st Quarter/Week 1 with Vision and ends in Week 15 with Thin Air. The Playbook Series Inc.  Leadership Training Program is meant to develop the scholar athlete off of the court/field so when faced with adversity and obstacles outside the court/field, they have the capability to make a well thought out and calculated decision. Each week of the Playbook Series Inc. Leadership Training Program builds off of the previous to provide a well-polished and manicured package of what our scholar athlete has accomplished and what they have to offer to academic institutions as well as employers.

Our goal is to utilize a similar method of leadership learning to that of John Maxwell’s but organize this learning process into quarters (of a basketball game) instead of levels on a ladder. As a scholar athlete, you are often tasked with reading books by authors such as Napoleon Hill, John Wooden, John Maxwell, and several other authors who have displayed excellent leadership track records. Similarities between John Maxwell’s 5-Levels of Leadership and the Playbook Series Inc. Leadership Training Program includes building off of one week to the next in an effort to accomplish the ultimate goal and developing successful leaders.

We acknowledge John Maxwell’s 5-Levels of Leadership to be the epitome of leadership training and that is why we have taken this into consideration as we reimagine and design our Playbook Series Inc.  Leadership Training Program. Our scholar athletes will systematically move through these levels while accomplishing their goals and dreams.