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Level Up Your Financial Literacy with Playbook

We understand that financial planning is tough, especially when adding new expenses to your budget – think club sports, travel teams, gym memberships, and college. From a financial perspective, those things add up! Our resources help you develop an understanding of how to maintain your finances and reach your financial goals regardless of your starting point.

My parents taught me as much as they could about money and credit, but quite honestly, I did not pay attention. Our aim is to put our families and the student-athletes we service, in a better situation than they were in before they connected with Playbook Series Inc.

My parents taught me as much as they could about money and credit, but quite honestly, I did not pay attention. Our aim is to put our families and the student-athletes we service, in a better situation than they were in before they connected with Playbook Series Inc.


The Playbook provides tools and resources that will change a family’s financial future. Join us for our financial planning talks as we discuss college savings and financial aid options with our families. We discuss ways to save money and bring more income into the house. We are not only mentors for the youth – we service parents too!

1-on-1 Money Talks Sessions

We offer individually tailored financial learning sessions for scholar-athletes and their families – and anyone else in the community! Fill out the contact form below to schedule your session and get on track for a bright financial future.


Stephisha sponsors, recruits, trains, and retains individuals who are excited and eligible to get licensed through their residential state. If you would like more information on the opportunity to become a client or gather more information on the licensing opportunity, please contact us!

Take The First Step Towards Controlling Your Finances

Financial planning isn’t just for the wealthy: Creating a roadmap for your financial future is for everyone – especially scholar-athletes and their families as they navigate college savings, financial aid, scholarships, and more. Even if you’re not heading to college, having expert help to craft a financial plan creates a roadmap for your money and helps you achieve your goals.


Financial planning doesn’t have to be intimidating. Fill out the form to take advantage of the expert guidance available from The Playbook today!

Let's Plan For Your Financial Future

We're building an online community to connect our scholar-athletes with teammates, coaches, mentors, and more. Join The Playbook!

Meet The Founder


I, Stephisha Ycoy-Walton, am a woman of many stories and adventures. Coming from an athletic background and foundation, I have always been very competitive and I truly believe I can accomplish anything! With the right tools and resources (and sometimes without), I pride myself on making the best of any situation or project because I live by 1 motto:

“Do the most productive thing at any given moment.”

With that being said, I was born in Vallejo, CA to two very amazingly determined and dedicated parents. I am the oldest of my sister, Keerah Walton by 7 years. My mother is a criminal justice major and graduate of Sacramento State University while my father is a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur.


It began at Oregon State University I come from a world of college athletics. In high school I was recruited by over 55 Division 1 & 2 universities with 90% being D1. In November 2004 I signed my national letter of intent with Oregon State University while still on the official visit. I would be brought in by Coach Judy Spoelstra, but eventually coached by Lavanda Wagner and staff.

I did not find a match of energy with that program and transferred in January of 2006 (6 months into my freshman year) to Portland State University where I would have the privilege to play for Coach Charity Elliott. She is now the head coach at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

My run at Portland State University was short-lived because Coach Elliot was offered the head coaching position at UCSD in San Diego, CA. Not wanting to experience another blind coaching change, I decided to move back to California (Socal) and finish my college career closer to home. As a former women’s basketball team captain and graduate of Cal Poly Pomona University, I competed under the instruction of Head Coach Scott Davis and Assistant Coach Tamara McDonald. The initial mentorship, leadership and support I was given in my overall life led to my amazing opportunities as a professional basketball player overseas. Thank you to all who were involved.


Vallejo Times Herald wrote about it. CLICK HERE


For the entire 2005 OSU New Player Report, Click Here.


While still in college, I left early, after completing my NCAA eligibility as a student-athlete, to compete in Luxembourg (2010-2011 season). After returning from my intial professional season, I completed my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) with an emphasis in Exercise Science. I returned to the professional circuit in 2012, to compete in Montenegro for the 2012-2013 season, and eventually ended my professional basketball career November 2013, in Puerto Rico shortly after being accepted to medical school.


I returned to Los Angeles to pass time before entering my first semester at American University of Antigua , but was soon recruited to work with a corporation by the name of Primerica Financial Services.


As fate would have it, I deferred my enrollment to medical school, only to never go. I decided against all of the time and hard work I had put in, and instead decided to transition into a career of life insurance, investments, and finance. I currently hold a life insurance license with the State of California, a Series 63, and Series 6 investment license. I have over $1M in AUM and over 300 life insurance clients as a Regional Vice President (RVP) with Primerica. Since 2013, I have helped over 40 individuals obtain life insurance licenses through the CA Department of Insurance, and I have helped 5 of those individuals obtain investment licenses. My life purpose is to positively effect people!


I offer you, the fellow parent/coach/mentor/student-athlete/entrepreneur/future partner, this insight into my/our journey, so that you may see the trajectory of my life; it is forever changing yet I make the best out of every opportunity I am given. Please tap into the Brain Food page to keep up to date with the latest projects, events, and news. Should we ever have the opportunity to work together, I look forward to learning and sharing in common space while creating magic from original ideas! I mean…that’s what Black Wall Street was all about right?

Very humbly I say, I have mastered the art of accomplishments and life transitions, and I strongly believe this why I am fit to help others pursue their life purpose, goals and dreams. I also believe that I have finally transitioned into the space where I will ultimately make a life changing impact on the world! Our community needs more diversity in the realm of financial education and athletic leadership! I am a 31 year young entrepreneur, community advocate, wife, mother and mentor.