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“Tiny Setbacks Major, Comebacks” by Corin “Tiny” Adams


Book Summary

From humble beginnings in her grandmothers backyard, to collegiate stardom, to professional basketball courts around the world, Corin Tiny Adams has always fought hard for what she wanted. After falling in love with the game at a young age, she has suffered her share of setbacks. Despite family, school, and sport-related obstacles, she has never stopped striving towards greatness, both on and off the court. Tiny uses her perseverance, big heart, and passion for the game to guide and instruct others, and throughout this inspiring memoir, she provides readers with valuable lessons they can apply in their own lives. This book has something for everyone the intrigue of international work and travel, the inspiration of female entrepreneurship, heartfelt stories of families overcoming adversity, and the nitty-gritty statistics of competitive sports.

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